Transportation from Europe to Russia


Delivery of goods from Europe to Russia remains one of the priority areas of our activity. Transportation is carried out year-round on previously developed routes, ensuring the safety and the fastest delivery of cargo. We provide our customers with the most suitable transportation for convenient loading. The park of our company includes only the newest cars that are equipped with modern electronic systems of control and distribution of cargo along the axes in accordance with European and Russian standards. This makes it possible to reduce the time spent on controlling bodies during transporting of temperature cargoes. During the transportation, readers are obligatorily used to document the temperature and the correct operation of the refrigeration unit.
Trucking is carried out by the following modes of transport
1. Refrigerators – for transportation of food products and other goods that require special conditions:
Supported temperature range from -25 ° C to +25 ° C;
All trailers are equipped with thermographs;
The capacity of 33 euro pallets;
34 pallets for change and a box for euro pallets;
Carried weight – 24 tons;

2. Awnings:
The capacity of 33 euro pallets;
The volume is 92 m3;
At the moment, the transportation geography includes the whole of Germany from Hamburg to Munich, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands.